A business conglomerate defined by excellence and striving to transform the ways of the world, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to spread our wings and strengthen our footing in symbiotic relationships.

We don’t wait for the future to arrive, we take leaps towards reaching it, and much before anyone else does it. Catering to the various demands of the world in befitting ways and beyond, we at Kudroli World hold the key to solutions that benefit everyone long-term.


Life itself is our passion, and we make the best out of everything that’s available to us. We have a strong inclination towards providing better solutions in Building, Infrastructure, Building Materials, Commercial Real Estate, Broadcast Media, Haute Couture for Men, Women & Kids, Food, Hospitality, IT, ITES, Services, Entertainment, Events, Investment Services, Sports, Restaurants, Education, Fund Raising and Charitable Organisations.

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We aim to leverage possibilities for the common good and enhance the current functioning in different sectors.
Shafi Kudroli
Message from Chairman & Managing Director

Markets drive economic growth by tapping into the infinite capacity of people and firms to innovate invest create jobs and improve living standards. Markets can bring much-needed financing to our highly prioritised development. The private sector and financial markets need to contribute to growing economies, this would help achieve our goal to end poverty and promote prosperity.

Shafi Kudroli
- Chairman & Managing Director

Hafeez Kudroli
Message from the CEO & Executive Director

A strategy is often a primary focus in business, but this feature is supported by culture. Corporate culture surrounds tradition, mission, engagement, recognition and education as it applies to all levels of the organisation. Our employee culture will help you create an atmosphere that benefits members of your organisation utilising every individual’s values and experiences based on their interaction with each other and the people they serve which would ultimately lead to future growth and success

Hafeez Kudroli
- CEO & Executive Director

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