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Taking the big leap is what excites us and brings us alive at Kudroli World.

We don’t wait for the future to arrive, we take leaps towards reaching it, and much before anyone else does it. Catering to the various demands of the world in befitting ways and beyond, we at Kudroli World hold the key to solutions that benefit everyone long-term.

A business conglomerate defined by excellence and striving to transform the ways of the world, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to spread our wings and strengthen our footing in symbiotic relationships. We aim to leverage possibilities for the common good and enhance the current functioning in different sectors.

Life itself is our passion, and we make the best out of everything that’s available to us. We have a strong inclination towards providing better solutions in Building, Infrastructure, Building Materials, Commercial Real Estate, Broadcast Media, Haute Couture for Men, Women & Kids, Food, Hospitality, IT, ITES, Services, Entertainment, Events, Investment Services, Sports, Restaurants, Education, Fund Raising and Charitable Organisations.

Join the league, take the leap!


Kudroli Builders and Infra Pvt Ltd

Kudroli Builders and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest privately-owned construction & development companies in India.

A sustainable approach to creating values

We design, build and manage facilities that improve everyday life.

To provide varied construction services at the highest level of quality, at fair and competitive prices to our customers.

To ensure the longevity of our company through repeated and referral businesses achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitude.

To maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers.

Civil Engineering

The name is synonymous with technical excellence and the delivery of highly complicated infrastructure projects.

Building Services

A complete package of construction-related services ranging from design and build through to facility operation and maintenance.


Combining facilities management with technical expertise to deliver an integrated approach to building maintenance solutions


Kudroli Media Pvt Ltd

Human Times

Kudroli Media’s digital news venture, Human Times, caters to a wide spectrum of audience across the world, presenting them with stories worth reading across different categories like National, international, sports, politics, entertainment, and so on.

The venture, in app and website forms, engages the reader with news that’s worth their time. We aim to evolve to be the single point of contact for the readers and be insightful, vision-driven and relevant and become a strong presence in the digital and information dissemination sphere. We bring you news that’s raw, real and new, from sources that are highly reliable.

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Kudroli Technology

Kudroli technology is a global technology company specializing in offering solutions related to information technology, product development and services.


Hirearkhy is a start-up that come under Kudroli technology. This startup is a data driven matchmaking tool for employers and job seekers.


SapienHR is a global talent research, pipelining and insight services specialist based in Bangalore, India.


Connect Parent is the first Ed-tech start up to revolutionise parenting by providing the best safety protection for our children by live camera streaming for childcare centres, to watch your bundle of joy live, relishing and enjoying the virtues of life.


Kudroli Food and Beverage Pvt. Ltd

Kudroli Food and Bevarage focuses on creating memorable and ever-lasting moments in the lives of our clients. Our unique concepts will be at the top of everyone’s minds when they think of chilling out with friends or relishing a fine meal with family.

It’s the beginning of good
times in Bengaluru!



We're bringing the taste of old Europe to the streets of Bangalore in savoury or dessert Chimney Cake cones. Kürtős Kalács or Kürtőskalács, also called chimney cake, is a Hungarian pastry loved for its crunchy exterior and silky soft interior.



Kunafa is a paradise for food lovers of the city. We have chosen the best of the best lip-smacking cuisines from the magical land of Arabia and arranged in the most appealing way. Our line-up of exquisite delicacies of Arabia is certain to exceed the expectations of the customers.



We cater to the chocolate lovers of the city and bring them an array of combinations that will make them keep coming back to Happium. Happy days begin at Happium.


The Lapel Couture is a design house focused on bringing out stunning designs in line with the fashion and style needs of today’s generation of suave men. Our bespoke collections have been a rage amongst celebrities and socialites, and this has encouraged us to push our boundaries every time we design. Over time, The Lapel Couture has become the one-stop-shop for all the haute couture needs.


The Lapel junior offers your bundle of joy a wide range of quality products. The catalogue has fabulous in-trend garments for your child’s comfort. We use high-quality threads during the manufacturing process of kids’ garments to make him look good and feel good in the world.

Kudroli Education

Educating, caregiving and providing a nurturing environment to young ones is something that we deeply feel responsible for.


Being Child is a pre-school and daycare that recognises the need for setting a strong foundation very early in childhood.

Various activities and everyday schedule are planned to promote growth in cognitive, literary, logical and social skills. Keeping in mind the mental, emotional, physical and learning needs of children,

Being Child is established to support overall development from a young age. We aim to take this process of nurturing childhood across the country in the coming years.


Life is too short to stay in a job you hate! We work with you to help you find your passion, move forward in your career and achieve your full potential.

Our Career Counselling Service is designed to help you find your ideal career so you can enjoy every day rather than spend all week counting days until the weekend.

WhtNxt Counsellors and Coaches are experts in the field and have a wealth of experience across a variety of industries. They have extensive knowledge about a range of occupations and will give you professional, individual advice on your future career and course options.


uizutra is one of the leading quiz facilitators, knowledge and communication service providers in India.

Our mission is to render quality services that foster curiosity, inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge in individuals by means of fun, interactive and engaging quiz sessions. Our horde of talent features experienced and celebrated quizmasters from across the nation.

We organise and undertake quiz-based events for schools, colleges, corporates and non-profit organisations. Our quest is to unlatch the hidden mastermind in every individual.


Education for a girl child encompasses both non-literary and literary education. This has the adility to bring about positive socio-economic changes.


Kudroli Foundation is a non-profit establishment aimed at supporting girl children in their education through H and H little girl’s education to help them realise their dreams and lead a better life. Every year, it is the Foundation’s endeavour to get more children educated and help make the dreams of millions of children come true. We strongly believe that every child has the right to basic education.

Why educating a girl child is so important?


Education enhances the holistic development of girls and enables them to meet their basic needs. Empowering a girl child with education is the only solution to reducing inequalities in society.


An educated girl can earn her own living. This would lead to a positive ripple effect leading to skill enhancement. The prospect of being hired by competent companies in the future increases.


Education has a global impact and offers girls freedom of thought. Girls become more confident, which enables them to become self-reliant.

Help make the
dreams of millions of
children come true

Exclusive spa dedicated to tiny tots and Mothers

Hydrotherapy and infant massage

Antenatal Services

Antenatal mental health services

Antenatal services - A place to prepare for the exciting journey of parenthood

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Kudroli Investments


51 Not Out

Take your brilliant business ideas to the next level with 51 not out.
Only a great strategy devised under a great vision makes it big in the heavily cluttered market. Our strategic team brings in its full-power to achieve the financial and strategic objectives of companies by nurturing global tie-ups and sharing kinships with well-wishers.

Our team collaborates both with newbies in business discovering their headways and surviving companies expecting their big turn in the market. Whatever your business goal is, we make it happen!

Our specialised team of investment advisors has an in-depth understanding of the industry behaviours. We have worked it out for plenty of start-ups, medium-scaled ventures and multinationals.

We have the experience of working with companies from various industries, including IT, finance, legal, healthcare, and so on.

Future Plans by 2020

Kudroli Events

Kudroli Events is a full service, lifestyle-based, professional event planning company that specialises in corporate events, dinner galas, fundraisers, long service awards, grand openings, conferences and private events.

Kudroli Finfraud

Financial fraud can be broadly defined as an intentional act of deception involving financial transactions for purpose of personal gain. Financial Fraud is a crime, and is also a civil law violation. Fin Fraud involves creating complicated financial transactions conducted by 'white collar criminals' such as business professionals with specialised knowledge and criminal intent.

Luxxate Chocolates

It is time to tantalise your taste buds by relishing our silky, smooth and heavenly chocolates at our desert paradise. We have lined up everything from dark to milk to even white chocolates at our sleek cocoa house. Treat for everyone, right here at Luxxate. Chocolate lovers swear it’s where you get the best in town!

Baby Sutra

Babysutra is the first ever, one-of-its-kind spa, thoughtfully designed to nourish and pamper babies for healthy physical, mental and emotional growth from a young age. Under the guidance of experienced and trained professionals, your baby will cherish each and every minute spent at the baby spa. It is now your time to sit back and see your baby having a great time engaging in specially designed water activities and massages.

Message from Chairman & Managing Director

Markets drive economic growth by tapping into the infinite capacity of people and firms to innovate invest create jobs and improve living standards. Markets can bring much-needed financing to our highly prioritised development. The private sector and financial markets need to contribute to growing economies, this would help achieve our goal to end poverty and promote prosperity.

Shafi Kudroli
- Chairman & Managing Director


Message from the CEO & Executive Director

A strategy is often a primary focus in business, but this feature is supported by culture. Corporate culture surrounds tradition, mission, engagement, recognition and education as it applies to all levels of the organisation. Our employee culture will help you create an atmosphere that benefits members of your organisation utilising every individual’s values and experiences based on their interaction with each other and the people they serve which would ultimately lead to future growth and success.

Hafeez Kudroli
- CEO & Executive Director